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Cargo Insurance

Man walking through large stacks of cargo containers.

Shipping companies, whether operating by land, sea, or air, carry valuable cargo and face the risk of significant financial loss when something goes wrong. Cargo insurance allows you to protect your freight from the losses associated with external causes. Your cargo can be protected from damage and loss, and funds can be accessed to reimburse these losses up to the full value of the freight.

Goods in transit are subject to various risks, and protecting that cargo is a critical point in the freight business. Shippers are required to carry certain minimum insurances, but it may be necessary to add a layer of protection, particularly when moving valuable merchandise. Every policy is different, and there are various types available – each specific to a certain type of cargo or shipping business. Your cargo should be documented so that the full value is known. Loss, damage, or theft without adequate coverage is a high risk, and cargo insurance should be in place to protect against such potential losses.

As with any complex insurance policy, the fine print matters. At A Plus Insurance LLC in Chipley, Florida, we explain your cargo insurance coverage clearly so you can choose the policy that makes sense for your shipping operation. Whether you need open cover cargo insurance, specific cargo insurance to protect a high-value shipment, or a contingency insurance policy to protect against the risk of a customer refusing the shipment due to damage, we can help.

All risk cargo insurance allows you to insure against damage from wrongly packaged items, infestations, a shipment rejected at customs, employee theft, or abandoned cargo. This is only one of the various options we offer in cargo insurance. You may need warehouse-to-warehouse insurance, or another customized cargo insurance policy. Our local team can assist you.

Need help protecting against the threat of a loss? Connect with our professional team at A Plus Insurance LLC in Chipley, Florida. We are here to serve the business community, including shipping companies, and we are available to help you put the correct form of cargo insurance in place, with the highest level of coverage at affordable rates. Call now or submit a quote request today.

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